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Parenting with Courage & Connection 6-week series

Parenting with Courage & Connection 6-week series

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You know that parenting is challenging at the best of times…and these are not the best of times!

Imagine having the tools to make a quick, positive difference in the way you connect and care for your children. When you join us for this engaging, online series, you’ll learn effective parenting strategies and approaches, while you connect with other parents and caregivers who are raising elementary school-aged children.

During this series, we will dive deep into parenting concepts which will help you:

  • Manage your own emotions, so that you interact with your children in a way that strengthens your relationships
  • Understand child development and brain science, which will help you implement science-backed and developmentally appropriate approaches to address challenging behavior at home
  • Help your children deal with their own strong emotions, and help them feel seen and have a sense of belonging in your family
  • Discipline with kindness and firmness, so your kids understand and respect limits

By participating in this series, you’ll feel less alone with today’s parenting challenges, and benefit from the wisdom of the community of other parents and caregivers. You will complete this workshop understanding courageous and connected parenting practices that will improve your relationships, and enable you to raise caring, collaborative, capable kids.


In order to make this workshop affordable for as many families as possible, Sound Discipline offers several program fee options –

$175 – This option covers the cost of the workshop and you are also paying it forward for other families to attend at a discounted rate. If you have the ability to help others who may not be able to pay the full program fee, please choose this option.

$150 – When you choose this option, your fee covers the cost of compensating the facilitators who deliver the program.

$100, $25, or $10 – If you are not able to afford the full cost of the workshop at this time for any reason, please choose from one of the subsidized options.

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