Reduce discipline issues in your school or district by addressing root causes of challenging behavior


Level the playing field with our research-driven approach to build meaningful life skills


Strong social-emotional skills are cultivated in both schools and the home


Sound Discipline offers comprehensive, programs that help educators connect with youth and address the root causes of challenging behavior. This results in lasting, measurable reduction in discipline problems and improvements in school culture.


We train parent educators who offer families the tools to improve communication, reduce discipline problems, and build social-emotional skills at home.

Improved Performance

By empowering adults to address the causes of behavior, Sound Discipline helps level the playing field for students from diverse backgrounds and environments.

Our Mission

Sound Discipline empowers educators, parents and caregivers to create respectful, equitable communities in which all children thrive.


 Our Vision

Our vision is an equitable, hopeful, diverse community in which every child feels included and valued, and people treat each other with dignity and respect.

Thank you sponsors!
With your help, Sound Discipline reaches over 5,000 educators and parents each year, who, in turn, touch the lives of over 100,000 children.