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Imagine a space filled with young people who are engaged in learning, contribute to problem-solving, and help build their own community.

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Educators Need Support to Implement Practices that are Relational, Student Centered, and Culturally Responsive
November 15, 2022
"I decided to become a teacher so I could become the adult for students that I needed when I was a kid." - Sound Discipline educator participant Educators universally share a sense of p...
DOOL Youth Inspire Educators to Share Power and Create Equitable Learning Environments
October 31, 2022
On October 8th a diverse crowd of educators filed into the Laser Dome at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. However, none of them were there to see a laser show! They had all come to expe...
Changing the World, A Classroom at a Time
Changing the World, A Classroom at a Time
September 30, 2022
We've been head down, all of us, chipping away at the tough stuff in front of us for the last few years.  At Sound Discipline's board retreat last week, we stepped back and took a look aroun...