Love Remembered – Remembering Love

Connection and love, Tips & Tools

Contributed by Jody McVittie MD

It is “that” time of year again: when the grocery stores and drug stores take on a certain shade of red. Retailers take advantage of this time of year to “celebrate” love. I believe that some of the commercial hoopla adds to our general confusion about what love is.

If you take a memory trip back to your childhood do you remember how you knew you were loved? What did that person do or say that gave you the message that you were loved? This is what we hear from parents (and teachers) tell us: …

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A (more) Connected Thanksgiving

Connection and love, Growing Responsibility, Routines, Tips & Tools
What would happen if the focus for Thanksgiving were less on the “production” and more on “connection?” What if the meal didn’t have to turn out exactly as expected but the family at the table told great stories or even stories that had never been heard before? What if you learned about Grandpa’s trip across the country, or how Aunt Ruth was the first person in the family to go to college? What if at the end of the day you felt closer to the people you define as family?
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Rhythm and Routines

Connection and love, Growing Responsibility, Mutual Respect, Routines, Setting limits, Tips & Tools

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD

School has started and the excitement of the first week has worn off. Do you find yourself nagging in the morning? Wondering if your student will ever to be able to make it out the door with some drama or to get a pair of shoes on (get dressed, eat breakfast) quickly? There are a couple of practices that make mornings easier for many families. It is helpful to remember that the world looks different through your student’s eyes. They may or may not like school – but the process of getting there also …

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Kids and Money

Growing Responsibility, Mistakes yours and theirs, Routines, Tips & Tools

Contributed by Jody McVittie

Do you have questions about how to teach your children about money? When do you start allowance? Do you link it to chores? How much do you give them? How do you teach generosity? The simple answer is that YOU get to decide. Here are some suggestions – and you get to choose how to make it work for your family.

Why give children allowance? To teach them how to make mistakes with money. That sounds funny but it is a helpful thing to remember when your child wants to buy a small toy that you …

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Family Work: Whose Job is It?

Growing Responsibility, Mutual Respect, Routines, Setting limits, Tips & Tools

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD

When I grew up everyone in our family had jobs to do. Many of them were centered around our family dinners (setting the table, clearing the table, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor). Other family jobs included feeding pets and taking care of the garbage (this was in the days before recycling.) I don’t remember “loving” these “chores” but I do remember that they were part of what each of us did to contribute to the family.

Having children routinely contribute to the family helps them understand what it takes to make things happen in …

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Parenting with the Body in Mind

Feelings and emotions, Science and parenting, Self regulation, Self-care, Tips & Tools
We sure hear a lot these days about the brain – and brain science. When we hear the word “brain” most of us think of the soft stuff that is inside our skull. That is, in fact, our “brain.” But it turns out that our body is not just the thing that carries our brain around. Human nervous systems are incredibly complex and there is a lot of information exchanged between the brain and the rest of the body. We can use this information to help ourselves and to help our kids.
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