Sharing and “Seeing Big”

Connection and love, Feelings and emotions, Growing Responsibility, Tips & Tools
Parents often ask, “How to I get my kids to share?” I think underneath they are asking even bigger and more important questions: “How do I teach my children to see the world beyond their skin?" "How do I teach empathy?" "How do I teach them to see the world through another person’s eyes so that they can be curious, compassionate and contribute to making the world a better place?” These are questions all of us ask – sometimes about our children, about our colleagues and yes – even about ourselves.
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Gratitude and Generosity

Connection and love, Routines, Tips & Tools

Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD, Executive Director, Sound Discipline, Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer and Parent Coach

As the leaves begin to turn vibrant colors and then fall we enter the season of short days and longer nights. It is also, for many of us, a season of holidays and traditions. It can be both exciting and stressful for families. Now, before things start moving really quickly is a time to pause and think about what you might want to remember. Traditions are important for families – partly because in the ritual “doing” we come to a place of finding …

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