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School Partnerships

Teachers at a Sound Discipline school posing for the camera with the Wheel of Choice

Schools should be a place of safety and connection. Instead, many children, especially children who have experienced trauma, don’t experience school that way. Sound Discipline partners with educators to transform schools into equitable learning communities where all children know they belong and can learn and thrive.

Our Process

  1. Meet with us! Get a small leadership team up to speed on the Sound Discipline Approach.
  2. Get tools that work. We offer your school professional development that they can use the next day.
  3. Take small steps. We will help you establish systems for collecting and easily using discipline data.
  4. Make it sustainable. With Sound Discipline coaches, build a discipline data team that meets monthly to review discipline data.
  5. Engage your whole school. Build skills and tools with additional training for your staff. Watch your school climate transform.

These partnerships are tailored to your school’s needs, with Sound Discipline offering many levels of engagement.

Data Team School

3-hour Reimagining Resilience staff workshop. This workshop builds foundation and common language for educators, so they are prepared to implement solutions proposed by the data team.

Monthly data team meetings. We work with a representative team of staff members from the school to collect and look at discipline data, and then identify patterns and disproportionality, define problems, and propose and implement trauma-informed solutions. The data team looks for small changes that can have a positive impact on school culture. We focus on systems that are not working and what skills are lagging in adults and students, and work on solutions.

Tier 3 support. We facilitate a strengths-based protocol to work with staff to support students who are struggling the most to connect and belong at school.

3-year commitment.

Whole School

Data Team School offerings, plus:

  • 80% staff vote/buy in to full training and implementation
  • 22-26 hours of staff training on trauma-informed practices and Positive Discipline
  • Coaching and support around implementing or improving systems
  • Extra support and training for classified staff
  • Coaching for educators and school leaders
  • Class meeting observations

Demonstration School

Principal leading school-wide class meeting using flipchart

Demonstration schools are Sound Discipline Whole Schools who are willing to hold regular open houses to share the Sound Discipline Whole School model with other professionals and interested community members.

All open houses are currently on hiatus due to Covid-19, but you can learn more about Sound Discipline Demonstration Schools here.

Additional Services for School Partners

In addition to the above components, schools in one of our programs may also request additional services, including:

  • Additional Reimagining Resilience workshops
  • Classroom observation and coaching
  • Classified Staff training
  • SWIS Training
  • Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshops
  • Tier 3 coaching
  • Administrative coaching
  • Parenting workshops