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How We Make a Difference

Our focus

Sound Discipline partners with educators, organizations, and families to transform schools into equitable learning communities.

We offer workshops and shorter-term engagements with a variety of organizations and adults working with children, but our primary programmatic approach is to partner with schools and districts over a number of years to transform schools into equitable learning communities. Our programs support comprehensive, deep, self-reinforcing, and resilient cultural change in schools.

Our approach

We bring together science-based, trauma-informed, restorative, and Positive Discipline practices to facilitate change in the ways adults see and respond to students.

Courageous Educators: We facilitate school leaders and educators to build classroom communities and model an inclusive culture school-wide that promotes student agency and well-being.

Equitable School Systems: We coach administrators and educators to use data to identify and implement solutions that address damaging systemic patterns of inequity that target Black and brown students.

Connected Families: We train and coach families and caregivers in a child’s life to apply solution-oriented practices that instill critical social emotional life skills.