Our Vision

We build equitable communities that center the dignity, voice, and agency of young people.


Our Approach

We partner with schools and organizations to transform the ways adults teach, parent, and care for youth, by bringing together science-based, trauma-informed, restorative, and social emotional learning practices.


Courageous Educators: We facilitate school leaders and educators to build classroom communities and model an inclusive culture school-wide that promotes student agency and well-being.

Equitable School Systems: We coach administrators and educators to use data to identify and implement solutions that address damaging systemic patterns of inequity that target Black and brown students.

Connected Families: We train and coach families and caregivers in a child’s life to apply solution-oriented practices that instill critical social emotional life skills.


In addition to partnering with schools and districts, we offer workshops and consulting services for youth-serving organizations and adults seeking trauma-informed, practical, data-driven mindset and systems change.