• Building Better Bedtimes

    Contributed by Jody McVittie, MD Do you ever finish putting your children to bed and feel exhausted? You’ve longed for some kind of connection with them at the end of the day – and way too often it feels like you’ve been through some kind of battle? When you think about it from the child’s […]

  • Why is “No” so Hard to Understand?

    We might THINK we are saying no, but our bodies might be giving a different message.

  • Making Mistakes… the Great American Freedom

    Failure can be an economic tool. As we strengthen our “muscles” to learn from mistakes, we get better at being creative and seeing opportunities.

  • Parenting with the Body in Mind

    We sure hear a lot these days about the brain – and brain science. When we hear the word “brain” most of us think of the soft stuff that is inside our skull. That is, in fact, our “brain.” But it turns out that our body is not just the thing that carries our brain around. Human nervous systems are incredibly complex and there is a lot of information exchanged between the brain and the rest of the body. We can use this information to help ourselves and to help our kids.

  • I Can’t Believe I Did That! – And How to Make Repairs

    you “know” aren’t helpful? Does it seem like “Mean Mommy” or “Dreadful Daddy” have taken over your body and you can’t help yourself? What next?

  • Taking care of ourselves

    Like many of you I tend to “take care” of others before I begin to think about what I need or what requests I might make. So today I get to listen, once again as I talk about self-care – and see if this time I can say, “I can make a commitment to do what I need to do to make time for and take care of myself.” Will you join me?

  • Whose problem is it anyway?

    One of the many little posters my parenting instructor used read, “Whose problem is it, anyway?” He tried to teach us to recognize which problems were ours (as parents) and which problems really “belonged” to the children.

  • A dream for peace in your family

    Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. His was a dream of peace, justice and equality. Do you ever have a dream of peace for your family?

  • Sibling Conflict…Can any Good Come of This?

    As you prepare for the winter break and memorable family time; perhaps stuck in your house because of wet, cold weather, running out of activities to keep the kids occupied, counting the days until school starts again…..What will your children be learning from each other? Use the normal conflict of daily life to teach your children important life skills.

  • Consequences or Solutions?

    Solutions help children learn from their mistakes – and invite both responsibility and dignity