Teaching people to do the right thing, even when no one is looking

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Parents and Caregivers:

We have new videos. sd_video_buildingcommunity

Building Classroom Community: Class Meetings and Self-Regulation This 40 minute video (in two sections) shows a class meeting and students discussing the skills they have and use to build their classroom community.


Building Resiliency: Working with Students Exposed to Trauma This 2.25 hour video is a recording of a presentation done by Dr. McVittie. It starts with the brain science behind trauma and attachment and offers practical approaches and tools for supporting all students, especially those exposed to stress and/or trauma.

Both are available from Sound Discipline. To order, email

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Parenting Educators:

Sound Discipline teaches people to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Using a research-based, experiential and culturally-responsive approach, Sound Discipline teaches parents and educators to build respectful relationships and use solution-focused problem solving with children and each other. Sound Discipline helps families, schools, and communities eliminate race bias in discipline and foster academic excellence, citizenship, equity, and democracy.

Our whole school model builds an inclusive and socially competent learning community over three years. Each school adapts the program to its own culture and challenges within a clear framework to meet its long term goals. Schools monitor their own progress with regular data evaluations.