Sound Discipline works with schools at many different levels:

Core Programs

Sound Discipline Data
Team School

  • 3-hour building resiliency workshop
  • Coached monthly data team meetings
  • Tier 3 support
  • 3-year commitment

Sound Discipline

Data Team School offerings, plus:

  • 80% staff vote/buy in to full training and implementation
  • 15-hour training of staff
  • Extra support and training for classified staff
  • Class meeting observations

Sound Discipline
Demonstration School

Data Team & School offerings, plus:

  • Willingness to share with other professionals
  • Regular school open house to share the model

Beginning the Paradigm Shift to Restorative Practices

•  1-3 hour introductory workshops.
•  Building resiliency workshops*
•  Training in SWIS (School Wide Information System, the data base for discipline referrals)

Key Transition Offerings

•  Additional building resilience talks
•  Classroom observation and coaching
•  Classified Staff training
•  Staff attends public Positive Discipline in the classroom.
•  Tier 3 coaching
•  Administrative coaching
•  Parenting talks

*The Building Resiliency workshops are our introduction to trauma informed practices. The workshops are based on brain science and offer practical tools for educators

Our process


Step One

Meet with us! Get a small leadership team up to speed on the Sound Discipline approach

Step Two

Get tools that work. We offer your school professional development that they can use the  next day.

Step Three

Take small steps. We will help you establish systems for collecting and easily using discipline data.

Step Four

Make it sustainable.  With Sound Discipline coaches, build a discipline data team that meets monthly to review discipline data.

Step Five

Engage your whole school. Build skills and tools with additional training for your staff. Watch your school climate transform.

What a Sound Discipline Demonstration School looks like:

Sound Discipline Demonstration Schools showcase thriving learning communities where adults and students make connections that matter. The Sound Discipline School continues all practices with fidelity and welcomes visitors to see the “work in action.”

Current Sound Discipline Demonstration Schools:
Lakeridge Elementary School, Seattle, WA
Honey Dew Elementary School, Renton, WA
Bryn Mawr Elementary School, Seattle, WA

Demonstration School visits
If you are interested in visiting a Sound Discipline Demonstration School, please contact us.

How does our school become a demonstration school?
Let us know that you are interested. We will walk you through the steps and support you along the way!

Contact us to learn more