Reimagining Resilience: Using a Trauma Lens

The upbeat, kind, caring instructors were fun to be with…The class went by quickly because of the meaningful break out rooms…A terrific class that was certainly well thought out!

Registration fee $95 (Early Bird $75)

The program cost includes access to the workshop recordings for two months, the pre-class videos, a course workbook, and connection to peers who share your interest in helping all kids thrive.

The strategies we present in this workshop are effective for online learning and in-classroom learning.

Reimagining Resilience: Using a Trauma Lens helps adults build positive relationships with children who have experienced trauma. We explore the impact of adverse experiences and the effect they have on developing brains and student behavior. The course gives teachers, parents, and other adults working closely with kids the skills they need to make sure that every child knows that they matter.

Reimagining Resilience is centered on the relationship between child and adult. It serves as the foundational course in Sound Discipline’s program offerings designed for teachers, schools, and all adults who work with young people.

It was helpful how you organized the three days into regulate, relate, and reason strategies. So easy to follow!

The course covers the three R’s that are critical in building positive relationships with kids, showing how children need to feel safe (regulate) and connected (relate) to learn new behaviors (reason). Through this interactive series that features practical information, activities, and conversation, you will be ready to:

  • Explain the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and the resulting student behaviors that challenge adults
  • Adjust your behavior to set kids up for relationship success
  • Support children by being a buffering adult who helps them deal with toxic stress and build resilience
  • Invite conversations with colleagues about kids experiencing trauma towards building a whole school awareness and shared understanding

You will leave this series with deeper empathy for kids, stronger connections with other adults concerned about the success of all children, and concrete next steps to bring what you learn into your interactions with kids and adults.

If you have questions or need to register a group, contact us at or 206-782-1595.

The Facilitators made me feel safe and comfortable in the course : )