Positive Discipline in the Classroom

Feeling challenged by unmotivated students, power struggles, recess problems being dragged into the classroom, no time to teach because you’re constantly dealing with behaviors?


Positive Discipline in the Classroom offers respectful solutions that work long term.


Create a classroom/school environment where students feel encouraged and engaged in learning, solve their own friendship issues, and feel a sense of connection, value and challenge. As an educator you will feel a sense of accomplishment and find your “calm” once more.


The course is taught experientially so that there is time to practice the new Positive Discipline tools used to create an inclusive, equitable learning community in your classroom.


The course is appropriate for teachers, administrators, counselors, paraprofessionals and youth development program providers. 


Testimonials from educators who have recently taken our Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshops –


“Positive Discipline combines and makes cohesive practices and key tools from many other systems. I feel like this one foundational system is the key to changing our school system from the ground up. Excellent workshop!”


“I feel that I have the power to make a positive change in my classroom, school, and students. Most of all I am excited by the fact that this is not a band aid for the problem, but a change in thinking that will positively impact my students for the rest of my life.”


“I have always believed that addressing the reason and feelings behind the misbehavior are crucial when dealing with students. I have finally found the program to assist me in the process! Thank you for valuing our kids and teachers in this vulnerable, uncomfortable, and empowering experience!”


“I would definitely recommend! Intense…Surprising…Filled my cup…Thank you!”