Parenting with Positive Discipline

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Are you:

Challenged by kid fights, whining, chores, bed time problems, homework problems and other issues?

Would you like to:

Learn long-term parenting skills that will encourage your children to develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and problem-solving skills? And find more joy in parenting?
Research shows that children need social-emotional skills to succeed in school and life—and learning these skills starts at home. With our proven, easy-to-use techniques, parents and caregivers learn how to build respectful relationships and model positive problem-solving approaches that improve family communication, build social skills, and prepare children to be responsible, contributing adults.
Sound Discipline offers Parenting with Positive Discipline classes in a relaxing, fun environment. Parents build community and participate in activities designed to help them understand themselves, deepen an understanding of their children and bring more peace and joy into the home. Positive Discipline techniques are respectful and non-punitive and are based on both common sense and research. They help parents strike an important balance between being kind and firm.

“I had already been implementing some positive parenting ideas in our home after doing some reading and research but this class really helped solidify what those strategies look like in practice and for our family individually. The things we discussed helped me to evaluate my own parenting style, find the places where I can improve and gave us practical advice for how to do better. I really enjoyed learning from the teachers and the other parents in a fun and low pressure setting and would definitely recommend this class to any other parent or caregiver. I am very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to attend!”

Parent from Honey Dew Elementary School, Renton, WA

Bring a Parenting with Positive Discipline class to your school or community!

We work with school administrators, PTAs, Boards of Directors and parents to deliver parenting workshops for schools, child care centers, and agencies and community organizations.  We offer:

  • 6-week Parenting with Positive Discipline classes, which can be catered for specific age ranges (for example, Parents of Teens or Preschoolers).
  • 2-hour introductory workshopsParenting from the Heart: an Introduction to Parenting with Positive Discipline. These workshops are appropriate for up to 100 participants and provide a general introduction to Positive Discipline as well as some practical tools that parents can use right away.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your community or organization. We would love to work with you!