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Sahara Pirie, LMP, CPDLT



As a Facilitator, Sahara Pirie (she/her) conducts training specifically pertaining to parent education and trauma. Her own experience as a parent and her deep caring for others allows participants to feel seen and heard and creates a genuine community in which to learn. She is particularly passionate about working with parents of teens and sharing the understanding of the biological impacts of stress and trauma with others.

An educator at heart, Sahara started teaching parenting classes in 2001 with the vision that creating better, more peaceful relationships in the home will lead to stronger world citizenship and more global peaceful outcomes. She expanded her efforts by conducting training for other Parent Educators starting in 2004. Sahara is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and she finds the two areas of knowledge deeply intertwined and mutually beneficial, offering insights to understanding the human nervous system and our response to stress and trauma.

Born and raised in Seattle, Sahara has mostly lived in the PNW. While she has BS in Math & Computer Science, she left that industry to develop a career more directly in line with her deep caring for others. As a Licensed Massage Therapist (1990) she was drawn to the inextricable connection between mental and physical health. Her own parenting journey led her to study Adlerian Psychology, earning a Certificate of Professional Studies in 2004. She continues to be fascinated by anatomy and the biological effects of stress & trauma – and how we can adapt and heal.

What are people most surprised to learn about me?

Folks are often surprised to hear that I’m an avid curler and also a part-time chocolatier. And I’m very much an introvert.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside work? Favorite? As in singular?

Ha, I am not singular! I’m an avid cyclist and will do as much of it as my body and time will allow. Besides cycling, some sort of daily creation is really important to me; sometimes it’s a meal, sometimes hand-crafted chocolates, and other times gardening or other crafting.

What drew me to Sound Discipline?

The mission and vision fit well within my personal commitment of working to create a peaceful world. Joining this team allows me to work with others who share similar visions and work in adjacent communities. I’ve grown tremendously from working with my colleagues, and I’ve been able to share that learning with others. I am a better world citizen because of Sound Discipline, and my commitment to dismantle racism and increase dignity and respect for all has amplified dramatically.