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Metasabia Rigby

Metasabia Rigby (she/her) is a Facilitator at Sound Discipline. She has been facilitating for 8 years. Most recently, Metasabia facilitated circles utilizing Restorative and Transformative Justice frameworks to work with people who have been harmed and have caused harm in community and in carceral spaces. Metasabia facilitates, dabbles in mediation, and is hoping to practice being a doula.

Metasabia was a Rainier Valley Corps Community Impact Fellow at Powerful Voices, where she supported the organization to thrive. Her writing on refugees and migrants is featured on the Voices for Creative Nonviolence blog; her work with peace activist Kathy Kelly of Chicago, IL, is featured on WBEZ 91.5 Chicago; and her most recent piece on the qualities and challenges of creating inclusive and healing work spaces can be found on the Rainier Valley Corps Blog. She holds a BA from Wells College in Creative Writing. She does this work in remembrance in gratitude, honor, and celebration of all her relatives and ancestors.

What are people most surprised to learn about you?

That I play the clarinet.

What drew you to Sound Discipline?

Sound Discipline’s understanding and approach to creating spaces with teachers, administrators, students, and their communities to best serve the learning and development of students is what drew me to this organization. Going to school is a journey that we all mostly have to go through, and for most people I know the pain and hurt has outweighed the wonder and feeling of belonging. Sound Discipline centers belonging and moves outward from there. Working to incorporate, co-create, and practice building structures that make the students, and people involved really know that this work is more than just academics and a lot more about building equitable, transparent, compassionate, and joyful relationships where learning can occur and flourish.