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Mary Power, MLIS, CPDPE

Program Manager

Mary has a Master’s in Library and Information Science and is a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator. She worked for years in the foundation and state and local government arenas to address the digital divide. After her daughter was born involved in providing programming and support groups for new parents. While engaged in that work, Mary first learned about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their effects on brain development. Mary appreciates how Sound Discipline offers a solution to the impacts of ACES by working with teachers and parents to implement Positive Discipline through a trauma-informed lens, giving both adults and kids the tools they need to build resilience and community and lead better lives. She believes if we can help kids feel connected to their community, many behavioral issues will resolve. Mary considers how we help form community and foster a sense of belonging for all people when working on Sound Discipline programming and in her free time, volunteering in her daughter’s school and the wider community.

As the Program Manager for Sound Discipline, Mary works with schools and community organizations to develop, coordinate and market programs and support our Facilitators. She also helps manage our evaluation processes. Mary is excited about expanding and developing Sound Discipline’s parenting programs by partnering with local schools and other organizations to bring Parenting with Positive Discipline workshops to local communities, which will support the work we do in classrooms and with educators. She believes teaching Positive Discipline through a trauma-informed lens gives everyone the skills needed to problem-solve and relate to each other. She is thrilled to be part of an organization that gives educators tools they can use and support to make their jobs easier and better.

Outside of work. Mary loves spending quality time with her 11-year old daughter and husband, being an overcommitted PTA volunteer, musical theater, good food, yoga and travel. She also loves to read and puts her Librarian hat on to frequently recommend books for friends and family. Mary is passionate about her involvement with a giving circle where she serves as the Grants Officer ( Another organization she admires is Facing Homelessness, an organization dedicated to helping meet immediate needs, while looking for long-term solutions for people facing homelessness.