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Kyle Lane, MA

Administrative Assistant

Kyle joins Sound Discipline with a background in Sociology and Public Policy with a longing to be a part of work that tackles social justice issues. Originally hailing from the Bay Area, she moved up to the Seattle area and joined Sound Discipline in August 2019. Her current role helps support operations that contribute to the work the organization carries out within the community.

With various experiences both in the US and UK, she has worked on issues such as mental health and racial equality, which has made her realize the power people hold to impact social change. She is inspired by Sound Discipline and its ability to provide tools for communities to tackle systemic inequity at an individual level and how can translate at the societal level. Not only inspired by the organization and its values, Kyle admires her colleagues that truly live by the mission of Sound Discipline and appreciates how it aligns to her own “do unto others” outlook on life.

Kyle enjoys traveling and exploring new places (especially when it involves food), spending time with good company and cooking. She appreciates a good hike and her Pilates practice, as well as Facetiming her nephew (and the rest of her family) back in California.