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Jennifer N. Brown, MS

Director of Operations

Proud to be born and raised in Nebraska with short stints in Texas, South Carolina, DC, and San Francisco, Jennifer has called Seattle home since 1991. With an M.S. in Management from Antioch University and a professional background in non-profit management of social justice, public interest, education and political advocacy organizations, Jennifer came to Sound Discipline with a wealth of knowledge that has helped build us a strong foundation as we grow.

At Sound Discipline, Jennifer tends to the background details of running the organization so the facilitators who work with educators, parents and others in the community can focus on what they do best and have the systems and support they need to do it. Before she started working at Sound Discipline, Jennifer was able to attend the Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshop over a 5-week period. She was blown away from day one and felt what she had acquired were powerful tools that all of us can use in our lives – not just teachers in classrooms. Jennifer feels proud to be a part of an organization that is helping to build lifelong skills and tools that can shift how we all treat one another.

As a parent of a new teenager, Jennifer has learned much about herself and how she can be a more effective parent. The Sound Discipline tenets of “connect before correct” and being both “kind and firm” are words she now lives by when it comes to her parenting philosophy. Colleagues would describe Jennifer as unflappable, kind, extremely resourceful, and the ultimate detective. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys seeing live music shows, eating good food, taking urban hikes, and enjoying beautiful Seattle (and other more exotic) sunsets.