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Corrina Skildum, MA, LMHC


Corrina is passionate about co-creating experiences that empower people as they learn and grow. For the past 25 years, she has worked as an experiential educator and therapist in a variety of community settings, from wilderness programs to community mental health and education.

At Sound Discipline, Corrina facilitates learning experiences and leadership meetings for educators as they implement strength-based, solution-focused, and trauma-informed practices in the classrooms and schools they serve. She is regularly inspired by the work teachers and school staff do when faced with incredible challenges, and their perseverance and dedication to building more compassionate and healthy communities for all students. One of Corrina’s favorite stories is helping two first grade classes make their own “feeling faces chart” with photos of themselves. “It was so much fun to see them act out the facial expressions of surprised, disappointed, and confused. It helped to establish a community norm around sharing feelings.”

When Corrina is not working, she is happiest when she is paddle boarding and soaking in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.