Corrina Skildum, MA, LMHC

Curriculum Specialist & Program Coach


Corrina Skildum (she/her) is a facilitator and a tool gatherer with many teachers. Whether using a canoe paddle, a systems model, a theater game, or a compassion meditation, Corrina enjoys designing and facilitating experiences where groups engage their curiosity and bring their collective wisdom. At Sound Discipline, Corrina designs and facilitates workshops for schools and community organizations and creates space for our team to learn together.

In her private therapy practice, Corrina shares experiential and somatic tools with women and gender queer/non-binary persons as they heal from the trauma of systemic oppression, adverse childhood experiences, and attachment wounding. She considers herself a guide for these fellow travelers, learning and growing together.

At 40-years old, Corrina went back to school for a MA in Psychology, focusing on systems counseling as applied to families, groups, and organizations. Before this, Corrina worked and volunteered in residential treatment facilities, alternative schools, a wilderness program, a state prison, community mental health, and other non-profit organizations that partner with schools.

What are people most surprised to learn about you?

I earned my bachelor’s degree designing taste tests and soap commercials, taking glamour shots of peanut butter, and drawing billboards to sell pickles.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Stand-up paddle-boarding, playing board games and analyzing relationship control dynamics in reality television while I dream about being a Vlogger.

Why are you passionate about working at Sound Discipline?

We teach and encourage reflection. At the final session of my first Sound Disciple parenting class, a father shared his biggest takeaway: He was much more aware of his actions in relation to his son, and more reflective about what was going on behind his son’s behavior. For me—this is everything.