Reduce discipline problems in your school or district

Our comprehensive, research-based professional development program empowers educators to connect with youth and address the root causes of misbehavior.

  • Achieve measurable improvements in school culture and a reduction in disciplinary issues.

  • Establish a discipline data collection and analysis process that helps you track and maximize results over time.

  • Engage educators, students, parents, and administrators in creating a more respectful, focused, and successful school climate.

Real results

More time for teaching and learning

Reduce misbehavior and boost student engagement to support academic excellence by building connections that matter.

  • Demonstrably reduce discipline incidents and escalations.
  • Support caring communities of academic excellence where people can focus on learning and achieving together.
  • Empower adults and youth with the skills to maintain an atmosphere of trust and respect in the classroom using restorative practices.

Help every student succeed

Cultivate learning communities that address the needs of all students, including those with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

  • Help children develop social-emotional skills that are critical to academic success.
  • Understand and address the consequences of ACEs in ways that help students overcome their challenges and learn with confidence.
  • Ensure youth of color and students with special needs are not disproportionately receiving disciplinary action.

Build on successes

Use research-based methods to achieve rapid results, see the evidence in data, and identify areas for improvement.

  • Use a proven model to organize data teams, monitor program results and identify challenges early.
  • Make decisions based on measurable success factors.
  • Build on success with a comprehensive, step-by-step program that focuses on the entire school community.

“At our school, we have trained teachers extensively in multiple models in literacy and mathematics. The training that is provided by Sound Discipline is some of the best training we have ever done. I am very critical before I put anyone in from my staff. The training we have done was practical from the very beginning. It’s teacher centered. It’s problem centered. It’s very flexible. Our teachers… were starting to use these goals [from the first session out].”

— Jessica Granger, Principal, Lakeridge Elementary, Renton WA

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