Educator Professional Development

Teachers smiling for the camera in a zoom meeting

Our comprehensive professional development programs offer tools and practices for educators that transform schools into equitable learning communities. Due to COVID-19, all of our workshops have transitioned to online.

We train educators to connect with youth and address the root causes of misbehavior. We facilitate workshops which train educators and others who work with youth to build classroom communities and environments which model an inclusive culture that promotes student and youth agency and well-being. 

Sound Discipline workshops combine science-based, trauma-informed, restorative, and Positive Discipline practices. We integrate social emotional learning into adult practices and youth experiences. 

Using these practices and approaches, we focus primarily on shifting adult perception and behavior so that adults and children build relationship and integrate these new practices into classrooms, homes, schools, districts, and communities. Our programs support comprehensive, deep, and resilient cultural change.

All of our workshops are currently offered online. Check out our current online workshops.

Reimagining Resilience 1: Using a Trauma Lens Workshop

Participants learn effective ways to build positive relationships with children who have experienced trauma. We explore the impact of adverse experiences and the effect they have on developing brains and student behavior. The course gives teachers, parents, and other adults working closely with kids the skills they need to make sure that every child knows that they matter.

Reimagining Resilience 2: Developing Firmness Tools Workshop

Participants learn how to maintain and strengthen relationships with children who have experienced trauma by developing firmness tools that center relationships. This workshop goes further into the science behind adverse experiences and the effect it has on developing brains and student behavior. The course gives educators skills and practical tools to hold students accountable in a way that ensures that every child knows that they matter.

Positive Discipline in the Classroom Core Strategies (12-15 hr workshop)

Participants learn the basics of Positive Discipline and will acquire many tools with which to implement this approach in their classroom. We explore how to create an environment where students feel encouraged and engaged in learning, and feel a sense of connection, value and belonging.  Participants will receive and explore curriculum and leave with tools to implement online or in-person class meetings. This is an experiential course, with time allotted to practice the new tools.