Fostering community and collaboration between new & seasoned educators 

The BELONG Partners District Model is a comprehensive approach to school transformation that focuses on building capacity and sustainability within a school district. Through this train-the-trainer model, our experienced facilitators work closely with regional coaches hired by a district to implement the BELONG Partners approach in their schools. One of our original District Model partners is the Brookings-Harbor School District in Southern Oregon.  BELONG Partners and the Brookings-Harbor School District BELONG Partners Facilitator Kayla Blau and Azalea Middle School AP Matt Bennett role play during the training. This August, Facilitators Kelsey Peronto, Kayla Blau, and Director of Strategic Partnerships [...]

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Focus on Routines this New School Year

Are you feeling a variety of emotions, from anxiety to fear to joy, as the school gets underway? Transitions are always challenging. But we may be feeling it even more given that the last four years were extremely unpredictable for school communities. We invite educators to focus on building routines as young people get settled into school buildings. Setting expectations for routines early on sets us up for a regulated, connected new school year. Here are some resources and ideas to support educators and school staff for this upcoming school year: Start building routines for yourself first. Coming off of summer [...]

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The Crisis of Loneliness, and How Schools Help Build Connection and Community

We are excited to announce that we will be curating and synthesizing research relating to our vision of creating equitable communities that center the voices of young people, and where everyone thrives because they know that they matter and belong. This month we are sharing the first article produced by our team at BELONG Partners. We envision that these articles will serve two purposes – share relevant information within our organization that will inform and improve our services and approach, and create accessible articles that provide valuable insights for our education and organizational partners. Relationships Matter: Loneliness is a Public [...]

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BELONG Partners District Model Schools Hold 2nd Annual Convening in Medford, Oregon

District Model Partner School staff and BELONG Partners staff and board at the convening in Medford, Oregon. The BELONG Partners Model currently includes 11 schools from across 4 counties and 5 school districts in southern Oregon. This spring we co-hosted our second annual convening of twenty-five educators, representing our eight Whole School Partner schools in Medford, Oregon. They came together to collaboratively reflect on their practice, celebrate their accomplishments, and initiate plans for the 2023-2024 school year. A Vision to Learn and Build Community We had a vision to get our partner schools together in the same physical [...]

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Celebrating and Reflecting on the End of the School Year

You made it! Closing the school year out with some rituals and appreciations helps us reflect on all the growth and memories you and your students have made this year. There is so much anticipatory energy present at the end of the school year, and it’s important to look back at your classroom and school community so you can be fully present for the transition to summer break. Here are a few ideas to celebrate the end of the year!   Celebrate and Acknowledge Each Student Create a word cloud for every student by asking each of their peers to [...]

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Easy Ways to Appreciate & Celebrate Yourself and Your Coworkers

In our opinion, educators have one of the hardest jobs in the country. For educators who have been navigating challenging behaviors all year and still showing up day after day, we see you. For educators that are tired and frustrated, we appreciate you. For the educators that find hope in the small wins with students, we celebrate you. We’d like to offer some easy ways to celebrate yourself and your fellow educators for Teacher Appreciation Week and all year long! Reflect On All You’ve Been Through With all the changes in the experience of being an educator over the last [...]

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Parents & Families Can Show Appreciation for Educators All Year Long

We appreciate educators year-round for all their hard work, and in May, Teacher Appreciation Week gives us a chance to celebrate them and show educators how much we value them! Through COVID-19 scares, virtual teaching, and returning to in-person school, educators have remained nimble and dedicated in serving our students and families. Here are a few ways to celebrate educators: Write A Card (and Have Your Child Write One, Too!) A heartfelt card can go a long way toward making educators feel cared for and appreciative. Start your kids off with some sentence stems if they are having a difficult [...]

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Teaching boundary setting and repair conversations

As educators, we teach so much more than algebra and spelling to our students. Crucial life skills, such as self-regulation, repairing harm, and setting healthy boundaries to prevent harm, are just a few of the life lessons we can provide for our students. Teaching the importance of boundaries, how to communicate your needs, and how to receive boundary setting are all foundational building blocks for healthy interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, many of us did not have a blueprint in our childhood about boundary setting and repair conversations. Here are some tips for integrating preventative interpersonal relationship skills into your classroom culture.  [...]

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Campbell Hill Classified Staff use Data and SEL Strategies to Help with Transitions and Recess

The classified staff of Campbell Hill Elementary, in Renton, WA, works hard every day to be sure that students know they are safe, belong, and matter in the unstructured spaces like the school playground and cafeteria. This team of educators meet monthly to align their practice, continue their learning about social emotional learning and trauma-responsive strategies, and to support building equitable classrooms and communities. One of their best tools is using patterns in discipline data - which helps them to identify system improvements and opportunities to build lagging skills for the adults and/or the kids.   Supporting Transitions from Classroom [...]

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Ideas for Teaching Self-Advocacy and Contribution in the Classroom

We believe fighting anti-blackness and speaking out against oppression of all forms deeply matters to the health of our communities and classrooms. As educators, we can create opportunities for young people to reflect on injustices, advocate for themselves, and contribute to their community for a more just world. Meaningful contributions not only help our community, but they also cultivate a sense of belonging and significance for young people. Get started or add to your current practices with a few of these suggestions:   Incorporate Community Care & Advocacy into Your Classroom Build your students advocacy skills and encourage community by [...]

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