Race and Equity

Race and Equity

Celebrating Black History Month with Facilitator Roshaé Lowe

Roshaé Lowe, Facilitator   Why are you an educator/do you work in education? As a child, growing up, education was always presented to me as a pathway – a means to an end, a road that leads to all roads. As an adult, I still see education as a pathway -- one that allows people to connect, to learn, to grow, to grieve, to be together. I’ve come to realize that our current educational system is a reflection of our larger society. It doesn’t exist in a vacuum. And when we, adults, educators, work to confront and change the issues [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Brook Afework

Brook Afework, Program Operations Coordinator   Why do you work in education? I came to this country not knowing how far behind I was in my education in comparison to my peers. The educators at Seattle and Issaquah school districts took time out of their busy schedules and helped me catch up. That extra attention is what helped me to not become discouraged. I want to help students just how I was helped when I was young.   What Black educators did you look up to as a youth? Carlotta Walls LaNier, the youngest of the Little Rock Nine, is [...]

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Ideas for Teaching Self-Advocacy and Contribution in the Classroom

We believe fighting anti-blackness and speaking out against oppression of all forms deeply matters to the health of our communities and classrooms. As educators, we can create opportunities for young people to reflect on injustices, advocate for themselves, and contribute to their community for a more just world. Meaningful contributions not only help our community, but they also cultivate a sense of belonging and significance for young people. Get started or add to your current practices with a few of these suggestions:   Incorporate Community Care & Advocacy into Your Classroom Build your students advocacy skills and encourage community by [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Teague Parker

  Teague Parker, Facilitator   Why are you an educator/do you work in education? Being a theatre artist brought me to the world of education! I would lead improv workshops every week through college, TA acting & playwriting classes, and soak up all the ways you could pass information. It felt to me that arts & wellness practices were not accessible to the public, so, as life continued, I became invested in bringing arts wellness practices to anybody and everybody that felt that needed them!   What Black educators did you look up to as a youth? Black artists tend [...]

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Celebrating Black History Month with Sylvia Hadnot

  Sylvia Hadnot, Facilitator and Social Media Coordinator   Why are you an educator/do you work in education? I've wanted to be a teacher since I was 5 years old. Looking back, I realize that my teachers were some of my first nurturers. I loved their love and the way it made me feel! As a perpetually curious child, I also loved learning. I remember thinking I wanted to be just like my teachers when I grew up, and now I understand that what I really want to be was love, embodied. That's what they were to me. Now I [...]

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Showing Up for Trans Kids Creates Equitable and Inclusive Communities for All Kids – Ideas and Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Whether you have a trans child in your own family or want to support trans kids in your community, we must first educate ourselves and work through our own biases. If you’re parenting or in community with a trans child, your support could be a protective buffer for their mental health and development. If you’ve ever been stumped about how to answer your child’s questions about gender expression, pronouns, transitioning, or how to be an ally to trans and non-binary young people in your community, you are not alone. Society is rapidly changing, and although progress has been fraught with [...]

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Support for Trans and Non-binary Students Creates Equitable and Inclusive Learning Communities for All – Four Things Educators Can Do

All young people deserve and require acceptance and support from their communities to learn and thrive. Prioritizing building inclusive classrooms for all students, regardless of their identity, can quite literally save lives. According to Child Trends, a recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health demonstrates the power of affirming transgender youth’s identities: For each additional context (i.e., at home, school, work, or with friends) in which a transgender youth’s chosen name is used, their risk of suicidal behavior is reduced by more than half. Given that 41% of transgender and non-binary students report they had attempted suicide at [...]

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DOOL Youth Inspire Educators to Share Power and Create Equitable Learning Environments

DOOL presenters pose in front of the Space Needle after an inspiring session at the TAF Convening! On October 8th a diverse crowd of educators filed into the Laser Dome at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. However, none of them were there to see a laser show! They had all come to experience an immersive workshop designed and facilitated by youth from Sound Discipline’s DOOL program. DOOL (Designing Our Own Learning) is in its fourth year, bringing together students and educators to share power, develop leadership skills, and reimagine our educational system. The original funding for DOOL came through a [...]

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An Interview with Tonya Wilson

Directly impacted by the prison system, today Tonya Wilson is the Reentry Outreach Coordinator of Freedom Project, and a board member of the Freedom Education Project of Puget Sound (FEPPS) at the University of Puget Sound. A Tacoma native, Tonya is a TEDx speaker and appeared in the documentary “Since I’ve Been Down." "It would be easy for someone to have looked at my mom's life and to look at all effort expended on her behalf as wasted resources." - Tonya Wilson, from her 2015 TEDx Talk Cracked Sidewalks   On March 15, 2022, from 12-2pm PST, Sound Discipline [...]

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Lakeridge Elementary’s Journey

What is it like to transform a school into a place where all young people feel they belong, they matter, and they can grow as learners? Lakeridge Elementary, in the Renton School District, has been on just such a journey. In the spring of 2020, while navigating remote learning during school closures, the skilled Lakeridge data team, supported by Sound Discipline facilitators, decided to focus data collection on identifying patterns of racial disproportionality in discipline and identifying ways to develop a truly inclusive school community. Analyzing Data and Looking for Patterns A typical data team is made up of members [...]

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