Building Resiliency 1

Building Resiliency 1: Strategies to Engage Youth Exposed to Trauma

Do the youth that you work or live with overreact to small things?

Do they struggle to regulate emotion?

Do they act younger than their age?

Many children have been exposed to trauma and as a result have difficulties in school and life.

No community is immune from the impact of toxic stress. How can you become a buffering adult who helps children deal with toxic stress and build resilience?


  • The brain science around what trauma, toxic stress and insecure attachment do to growing brains.
  • How to lead a classroom to benefit all students – including those exposed to trauma.
  • How to teach youth why their brain sometimes “won’t cooperate” and how they can learn to self-regulate.
  • How to use strengths-based plans to foster learning for all youth exposed to trauma.
  • How all of us can be a buffer against toxic stress for the youth in our communities.

We offer our Building Resiliency series 4 times per year. The next opportunities to take the 3-hour Building Resiliency 1 workshop are:
Thursday, September 20th
Monday, October 22nd

The second workshop in our Building Resiliency series is Building Resiliency 2: Firmness Tools. Click here for more information.