• The Power of Mistakes and Repair in the Classroom

  • For Parents and Kids, Repair is a Powerful Tool for Learning and Connection

  • In the Classroom, Kindness = Connection + Caring

  • For Parents, a New Look at Kindness

  • Brain Science to Supercharge Your Teacher Toolkit

    We are drawn to teaching because we want to make a difference in the lives of children. With the creation of new technologies and innovative research, the field of neurobiology has become an exciting new frontier, offering a clearer understanding of what works for the healthy development of the whole child. This understanding sheds light […]

  • Brain Science Can Help Us to Become Better Parents

    With the creation of new technologies and innovative research, brain science has become an exciting new frontier, offering verifiable support for the strategies and practices of authoritative approaches like Positive Discipline.  What constitutes “effective parenting” is becoming less controversial through research in the field of neurobiology, illuminating our path as parents. Here are a few  […]

  • Teaching and Modeling Self-Regulation Skills in the Classroom

    Teaching and Modeling Self-Regulation Skills in the Classroom

    Children are entering school with less developed self-regulation skills than in decades past.  More children have experienced trauma, are emotionally fragile, and may be unable to control their emotional responses and act out in physical ways when they are upset. The good news is that through recent brain science research, we understand the physiology of […]

  • The best gifts we can give our kids…self-regulation skills

    Self-regulation is the ability to recognize, manage and modulate one’s own emotions, emotional reactions and behaviors. These skills may be the most important tools that your child learns, with many recent studies determining that a child’s emotional intelligence, or “EQ”, is more important than their “IQ” for future success and happiness. Brain science has revealed […]

  • Contributions Create Capable, Competent Kids

    Our children shine when they know that they have helped. We can see it on their faces. But as parents, we often fall into doing everything ourselves, forgetting how important contribution is to the well-being of our children. When kids are little they are constantly begging, “Me do it!”  We may tell them something that […]

  • When Students Contribute, They Feel Capable, Connected and Confident

    Finding ways for your students to contribute is a powerful positive step towards fostering their belief that they matter and make a difference. ALL kids can contribute….academic excellence is not the only way to shine. Sometimes being trusted to help makes all the difference.  Think of the teen gang leader whose savvy teacher recognized her […]