Our Inspiring Story this month (and probably next month too) is you!

Whether you are an educator in Washington or Oregon, or somewhere in Indiana reading this on your laptop in the dead of night. Educators – we see you. You’re showing up. When school was abruptly cancelled on Friday, November 12, many more people became aware of the pressures on educators as they navigate the third school year impacted by the pandemic.

This week, a teacher confided in one of our staff that she had yelled at one of her students because they answered a FaceTime call during class. The student and teacher talked for a few minutes in the hallway and the teacher apologized for yelling. The student apologized too. They told each other that they really cared about each other and went back to class. They both knew they had not shown up how they wanted to in that moment.

When asked what inspired her, the teacher held up a big blue 3-D construction paper star another student had gifted her. “This inspired me today. I just love it.”

Sometimes hearing another colleague’s story makes things 7.3% better and that’s enough. So, welcome to our #EducatorsAreShowingUp virtual open mic. Got a story? We want to hear it – and share it.

What’s helping you show up for your students, families, and colleagues right now?

Share confidentially here. We will post it on social media with the hashtag #EducatorsAreShowingUp. Thanks!