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Resilience through Transition – An Art Activity for Classrooms or Families

Beverly Park Zoom

This activity is designed to support students (and adults too!) with all the changes in our world. The external changes are happening fast, and this is an opportunity to slow down and emotionally process the changes internally. William Bridges (author of Managing Transitions) calls this internal process a “transition.” As we navigate the change, the transition starts with the feelings associated with losing something familiar, something we thought of as normal, or something we cared about. The activity can be adapted for your family or classroom, as you see fit.

All of us have experienced loss. Being able to talk about it openly is an important step in making sense of and navigating the current reality.

Art Sample


  1. Get a piece of paper and some crayons, markers, or colored pencils.
  2. Fold the paper in half in both directions to make 4 quadrants.
  3. Take 15 minutes to draw an image in each quadrant using the prompts below. (Tip: Give one prompt at a time with a few minutes of drawing in between.)
    1. You don’t have to consider yourself an artist. There is no wrong way—blobs of color and stick figures are fine!
    2. You may wind up drawing literal images or more abstract like colors and shapes.
  4. Invite each person in the family, group, or classroom to share something from their drawing—making sure this is optional (ok to pass).
  5. Have each person share one appreciation for this time together (the activity or each other).


What is something(s) you really miss about the way things used to be? (i.e. school, home, relationships, life, etc.) What is something or somethings you really appreciate about the way things are now? (virtual class, working from home, etc.)
What is a challenge(s) you are facing right now? What is a strength you are seeing in yourself this school year? (For this last one, you can write a word in whatever language you choose. Then, color around it.)