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Leading with Encouragement

Encouragement is one of your most important tools as a teacher. You can’t make your students learn, but you can help them find the internal resources to engage in learning, connect with others and become part of the classroom community. There are many ways to bring...

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Parenting Tool Box: Encouragement

Encouragement brings people together. All parents want their children to become capable, kind, responsible people. Many of us have been taught to praise our children, or to “catch them while their good” as a way to set them on the right path. Increasingly, the...

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Share Rituals to Build Community

Routines in the classroom are an important classroom management tool. Knowing what will happen when they arrive, where their belongings are stored, when breaks and lunch happen, are all part of the daily and weekly routines that help students feel safe and secure. The...

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Family Rituals Create Our Story

Family rituals and traditions are a positive source of identity for children. They provide a link between themselves and the people they love, a link between themselves and their culture and family history. They are different from simple routines. Routines are...

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Communication is Important for Connection

Effective communication is the basic building block for strong family relationships.  From the minute that babies begin to utter sounds, they are learning how to communicate.  They are learning how to get the attention of others and how to get their message across. ...

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